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Award judging: what we truly look for beyond the PR
2 min read
Responsible gaming Sustainability ESG
March 14, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
The Asia Gaming Awards (AGA) aims to recognize the gaming industry's achievements in Asia, with SG:certified among the judges appointed to evaluate nominees. As a judge, SG:certified looks for a positive impact on society and the environment, emphasi...
And a measurable increase in problem gambling.
2 min read
Responsible gaming
March 10, 2023 By Vanessa Simpson
The United States is in deep the throes of the largest expansion of regulated gambling in its history, and the results so far have been eye-popping. More than 30 individual US markets combined to generate nearly $100 billion in total wagers in 2022, ...
Belgium to ban gambling ads from July 1
3 min read
Responsible gaming Player Education
March 09, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
Belgium Bans Gambling Advertising to Curb Addiction and DebtBelgium is set to ban gambling advertisements on most platforms from July 1, 2023. The country is seeking to reduce gambling addiction and related debts by cracking down on gambling ads acro...
Eye-Tracking Technology and Understanding the Human Element of Cybersecurity
4 min read
Research Responsible gaming Player Education
March 07, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
Eye-Tracking Technology and Understanding the Human Element of CybersecurityAs discussed by Professor John McAlaney (Bournemouth University) at Impact 2023 Conference.On Thursday 2nd March 2023 Professor John McAlaney of Bournemouth University presen...
Gambling in Disguise: The Monetisation Crisis of Loot Boxes
5 min read
Responsible gaming
February 26, 2023 By Cheryl I'anson
The video game industry has intersected with regulation over the issue of monetisation. How developers employ monetisation strategies to generate revenue from players has resulted in a social crisis encompassing regulation of this industryVideogames ...
New ideas from behavioural science
1 min read
Research Responsible gaming
February 23, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
Summary Keywords: people, gambling, operators, limits, kindred, suppose, customer, industry, bit, point, research, spend, account, behavioural insights team, sally, insights, design, money, deposit, data. Very Short Summary: The conversation covered ...
Collaborating towards better impact
2 min read
February 02, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
Consumer Protection Zone - Preview 10 organisations
3 min read
Responsible gaming
February 02, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
"Making the Gambling Industry Sustainable: A Preview of the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE Gaming 2023As the world's leading gaming event, ICE Gaming London is at the forefront of innovation and progress in the gambling industry. In the lead-up to t...
SG:certified is hitting the road for ICE London to put our collaborative process to work!
2 min read
February 01, 2023 By Vanessa Simpson
Our team will be on the floor inside the Consumer Protection Zone at ExCel London from 7-9 February, including a few panel appearances alongside stakeholders from all corners of the gambling industry who all share the goal of making it safer and sust...
Maris Catania announced as Safer Gambling Senior Consultant
2 min read
Responsible gaming
January 31, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
We're thrilled to announce that Maris Catania has joined our team as Safer Gambling Senior Consultant at SG:certified! As a gambling industry veteran with over 14 years of game integrity and safer gambling experience, Maris brings a wealth of knowled...
Make the industry sustainable with SG:certified
2 min read
ESG Sustainability Responsible gaming
January 26, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
Get the assessments, training, tools, and benchmarks from SG:certified to help you comply and improve sustainability in your industry. Our platform provides one-stop access to expert content and resources for regulators, trade bodies, operators, audi...
ChatGPT on responsible gambling
2 min read
Responsible gaming
January 19, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
here's a view from ChatGPT on Responsible Gambling...  the team has been experimenting with some of the brilliant prompts made available, always with the mindset of "how to help the industry be sustainable?" More to come soon..."Gambling can be a fun...
Sustainability in Gambling: Being right vs. being effective
1 min read
Sustainability Responsible gaming
January 12, 2023 By Vanessa Jones
In another article posted on EGR this week, Svend looks at the importance of regulations and the need to think about impact, to stay ahead of regulations. As the entire team prepares for ICE Gaming and our exhibition stand at the Consumer Protection ...
3 things about Safer Gambling
1 min read
Responsible gaming
December 22, 2022 By Vanessa Jones
Three things you should know about safer gamblingOur very own Svend Aage Kirk delves into three key takeaways from the current safer gambling narrative in the 19 December 2022 EGR Compliance edition. Read more here. ...
Simo Dragicevic & the RG landscape
1 min read
Responsible gaming
December 13, 2022 By Vanessa Jones
Simo Dragicevic, ex founder of BetBuddy, drew up a landscape of the RG space. Find out more about the various providers on this link: It's no surprise that SG:cert...
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